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Breadwinner wives and girlfriends: Be Nice March 14, 2011

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I myself am a pretty ambitious and driven young woman with lots of dreams but not time enough to accomplish them all. I would say that I love that my life is busy and hectic because I want conquer everything. The only issue finding my other-half, who most likely wont be like me. There are lots of good, faithful and honest men out there who women would fawn over for hours but they may not have our same amount of drive that we have. Not to say they are lazy but are  “slow-paced.” Not too career hungry, more content and know how to have a good time and not stress.

Professor and Author Adrea Doucet touches base on this trend that has been growing for decades. She is considered the breadwinner and career-driven women, while her husband is employed but his work isn’t as suffocating and time-consuming.

Doucet discusses how we as super-power women must be sensitive to those “sweet but slow-paced” men we fall in love with. They are willing to pick up the load while we pull all-nighters in the office, miss soccer games because we have to land a deal and skip out on PTA meetings because the boardroom is calling our name.

Although, I am only a college-student, I wonder if this will be my life. I’ve noticed when I met guys who are in the “finding myself” stage, I may be quick to call them lazy. But, I must remind myself, that I have a type-A personality and he has coping skills and other qualities I desire to posses. These men are not no-good or dislike responsibility but have different personalities and passions that we do.

As someone who will eventually get married  when I met someone I am willing to tone down my attitude for, Doucet speaks with truth, honesty and tells how her family somehow managed to make it after 20 years.

More women are starting to become the breadwinner in the household. It gives us a sense of empowerment.


Katie Couric talks about the new roles in marriages

Adrea Doucet: Women Breadwinner: Why we must be sensitive to our slower-moving husbands

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